IMEX Politicians Forum 2017

Meetings Mean Business Canada chair Grant Snider was invited to attend the Politicians Forum during the IMEX Frankfurt trade show in May.

The reputation of the Forum continues to grow throughout the world and this year’s event benefitted immensely from Professor Greg Clark’s involvement.  His thought provoking presentation and the audience interaction and engagement from the floor at this year’s Forum will influence policies and strategies across the globe positively.

Amongst the key points addressed by Prof. Clark in the presentation were:

  • That the world is in a phase of unprecedented urbanisation which creates and also brings major challenges;

  • That city-related decisions made in the next 30 years will fundamentally shape cities for the next 1-200 years, which is creating an emerging “Science of Cities”; 

  • That urban development is also impacted by three other issues:

  • Tensions between cities and rural / other non-urban areas.

  • Interactions with national governments, national economies, and other regions.

  • The forces of anti-globalisation, populist nationalism, and the retreat back to a nation-state mindset.

  • That the Meetings Industry is potentially a major facilitator of urban development with roles in such areas as:

  • Jobs, sales, and incomes

  • Taxes and revenues

  • Connectivity and accessibility

  • Internationalisation, open-ness, diversity, presence, and reach.

  • Amenities and facilities and place making o Identity, Visibility, Affiliation, and Reputation.

  • Strategic alignment with, and reinforcing capabilities for, other dynamic sectors.

  • However, the benefits are limited by a “Partnership Gap” between the industry and most local governments that results in the industry being largely unrecognised as a factor. This gap is due to such issues as confusion with tourism, a lack of local appreciation and a failure to see the role of the industry in broader policy advancement;

  • That meetings are a required mechanism for interpreting and understanding the bigger picture about our planet, our race, our century, and

  • That a professional industry is required to make those meetings great such that they facilitate the quality of exchanges required to address the larger issues

The 2017 Politicians Forum Report prepared by Rod Cameron, Executive Director of the Join Meetings Industry Council (JMIC), is available in full here.


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