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Please take a moment to review the note below highlighting Alberta’s decision to reopen indoor exhibits and tradeshows. Great news for our industry. Sincerely,

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Good morning,

On Thursday afternoon, Dr Hinshaw officially announced the reopening of indoor exhibits and trade shows in Alberta. At the 29:00 minute mark (see below) she picks up on our exact narrative comparing us to shopping malls and farmers markets, as well as pointing out that exhibitions are not social gatherings at their core. Our advocacy has resonated and our messaging has finally broken through. It's a very good day. 

I am hopeful if we stay on course with our messaging to government we will make similar strides in ON and QC as well, in the weeks to come. BC will be tougher to crack but if all 3 other major Provinces reopen, BC may eventually follow suit.  

We are still waiting on the official government protocols from Public Health but we are hopeful they will closely match the revised guidelines we resubmitted to AB public health at the beginning of the month. Standby for more details to follow, hopefully later this afternoon.  

Bianca Kennedy


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